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Great healthy food
My dogs love the Purina One dry foods. This is the third bag, different flavor and they enjoy this as much as the other two flavors.

- cnerak99
Food allergies
My German Shepherd has skin allergies due in part to her food. I found Purina One Smart Blend True Instinct with turkey and venison. Her skin has cleared up and she doesn't have the thick dander that comes with the allergy.

- csallen
Happy dog
If my Golden Retriever Gunner could type, he would tell you this stuff is grrreat!

- Gunner
Picky pups
We have 4 dogs — but we have two picky eaters; one is a small, little mix breed and one is a white Pit mix with allergies. They both immediately responded to this True Instinct with turkey & venison the first day. The small dog has never eaten dry dog food and now we can't keep her out of the Pit's bowl. So glad to have found this.

- Jean4pets
Dogs love it
Wanted something I could feed both my dogs the 91 lb. Lab and the 7 lb. Chihuahua. What he ate was too big for her to chew and she was fussy about her food also if he didn't eat it neither did she. This food both eat they both love it and she is happy because she is eating his food.

- Suenjon
The only food my dog will eat
After trying different foods for my dog, I found this is the only one she likes and will eat.

- Dsfitz
So glad we found Purina One Healthy Weight
My overweight chocolate lab would not eat any other weight control formula. Absolutely loves Purina One Healthy Weight. Finished his bowl and feels satisfied instead of deprived. We even replaced his treats with the chicken bits. Our Pitbull loves it too. And their coats look amazing.

- terri2828
Our dogs devour this food!
Our two Cavaliers love this food. One of our dog's has an off-bite, and the small pieces and chewy meat morsels allow her to more easily eat the food than other foods we've tried. She's also been a finicky eater but is excited for meals now. Stools are small and firm too, so not a lot of food is going to 'waste.' Helps with cleanup! Thus, I give it 5 stars due to the dogs loving it and their high system utilization. Coats are silky and body mass index is appropriate for the breed, on this food too.

- Robin43026
Long healthy life
We recently lost out family member, King. He was raised only on Purina One. He was very healthy and strong throughout his life. He loved Purina One dog food. King one month away from being 16. We will never feed our pets anything else.

- mits
Favorite of 3
We have 3 large breed dogs, 1, 5, & 11yrs old. I've been trying to find the right food to suit all their needs. So far, this has been wonderful for the older ones skin allergies and the younger ones energy levels. At a fair price! We recommended it to a friend whose dog would only eat wet food. Now he can do away with the stinky cans because she loves this dry food. Thank you!

- SarahBW
All of my four rescues eat it! They are all healthy and active.

- 4pitsdad
High quality, grain-free affordable dog food my dogs love!
I have tried multiple grain free dog foods. When I found True Instinct I was amazed how much my dogs love it. We have 2 dogs (7 yr. old Lab and 2 yr. old Bloodhound/Lab mix). The older dog no longer has weight issues, yet the "puppy" gets enough for all her rambunctious energy. We been strictly feeding them this dog food for 4 months and I will not buy anything else ever again. I have highly recommended this food to family and friends and they can't believe how even the pickiest eaters clean their bowls. My 2yr. old actually started drooling when she sees her bowl getting filled.

- Bridget
Loves the taste
I have tried a few different dog foods over the years, but my seven year old Chihuahua seems to love this dog food! He is at his bowl longer eating in the morning than ever his whole adult life. I feel confident with a Purina product that he is getting the nutrition he needs!

- Kelliella
Purina is the only one
My dog Sadie loves it. It took me several Purina brand to get the one she will eat it all. She loves it and I get lots of complements on how shiny her coat is. She is a very active dog and I know she is getting the right nutrients she needs.

- Sylvia
My dog loves meal time now
She eats without any issues, and loves the soft bites.

- Pallasmom14
Ideal for my Yorkies
My toy Yorkies love the flavor and texture of the lamb and rice formula. Gives the dogs a well balanced diet.

- Judyk
The first food that all my dogs like
I love this dog food! It has REAL chunks of meat. All of my dogs love it! I also found out that after just two weeks that my dogs no longer had soft stools or diarrhea and there was less to pick up. Thank you Purina!

- BevC2014
Purina One
My furry canines just love Purina One dog food. I have bought other brands but they just snub the food. Keep up the great work.

- Arlene
I have 3 very different dogs ... they each have different likes and dislikes ... the only thing I can honestly say is that all 3 of them love Purina One (Lamb). My only problem with this food is that they're more expensive than others. I'm retired/disabled so I have to watch every penny. I love my dogs so once a month I splurge and got them ONE ... they love me enough to last almost all month.

Made the switch, so glad we did!
We had been using another brand of food with both our Dachshunds for a couple years. We'd been having major house breaking problems with our year old Mini. Since making the change to Purina One Smartblend True Instinct he has become much more regular and no longer has sudden urges to go at random. Both dogs coats are smoother, and they seem to really love the food. And to think, we've only been using this new food for a week! Can't wait to see what else comes!

- CaseyBenson
My dogs love it!
My boys love this food! But lately I have purchased my bags and have had a lot of crushed food. It seems like a lot of the food is crumbs. But my boys have always loved the flavor and I miss the senior food for large dogs.

- Tina2585
My dog LOVES this food!
We have been feeding our Cardigan Welsh Corgi Purina One Beyond Lamb and Rice for awhile but when we went to purchase more over the weekend the store no longer had it (not sure if it's still available or not). So, I picked up a bag of the Purina One Smart Blend True Instinct and I am amazed at how much our dog loves this food. She literally runs to the food container then runs to her dish and gobbles it up! She absolutely cracks me up. Loves, loves this food!

- Laura1268
Great food for dogs!
I have been feeding my dogs Purina One for a long time. Their coats are shiny and they are healthy. Our dogs are rescues. They go from being underweight and undernourished to healthy "Purina One" dogs!! We would not feed them anything different. Thank you for being such a great product with great nutritional value for our family pets.

- Noble
Problem eater
My Boxer, Dolly, is a fussy eater, but she eats this product without hesitation enjoying every bite. Thank you for resolving this problem for me.

- rolls6186
Keeps healthy weight and coat
I have always used the regular Purina ONE varieties, but when I started using the True Instinct, my American Eskimo (11 y.o.) started eating better and putting on weight, something she has trouble doing now that she's older. Our two Bassett/Lab crosses have no problems keeping weight on, but they do have beautiful shiny, soft coats. The only issue we have is they like the food so much we have to mix it with plainer varieties for the fatties or they would gobble it all in minutes (we free-feed to help the older gal).

- mscane96
Great for a meat eater!
My 20 pound terrier mix loves this. She eats all the dark brown pieces first and then finishes up the rest.

- Missy
My two Huskys are so happy now!!
I switched food to Nutrish 4 years ago and ran out. At Rural King I checked the ingredients on the bag of Purina One & decided to try it. My two Huskys love it!!!

- gypsyannie
Our dogs loved it!
We have two very large dogs both over 100 lbs. each who have hunted for and have tasted real turkey and venison. We tested the True Instinct several times by placing it alongside their favorite and watched them eat up the True Instinct first. They now have a new favorite food.

- BulletJules
My dogs liked it
Over the years I've used many brands and have settled on few that my dogs will actually eat. My dogs are picky and not good dry food eaters, but this dry food they liked. I will continue to purchase this type for them.

- LAWalmartConsumer
My dog thinks it's his treats!
I have a Red Standard Poodle who is the fussiest eater ever! I opened up the Purina ONE and gave him some from my hand ... he ate it! I'm on the second bag now and he's still eating it. I call it a treat and he loves it! No more wasted food every day and a very happy dog and his mommy.

- goddit
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