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Before You Start, Change Your Oil

Whether you’re headed to the track, going on an epic road trip, or are just getting your car ready for the great American summer, start with the ultimate in performace and protection with a Mobil 1™ oil change.

Changing Your Oil


Step 1: Drain the old oil from your engine

Raise your vehicle using ramps or jack stands. Remove the fill cap. If your vehicle has a plastic engine cover underneath your car, you’ll need to remove that first. It’s usually held in place with several screws. Place an oil drain pan directly below the oil drain plug. Grab your ratchet and socket to slowly loosen the drain plug. Use an oil filter wrench to remove the old filter.


Step 2: Reinstall the drain plug

After all the oil has been drained and the oil filter has been removed, reinstall the drain plug. First inspect it to make sure the threads look okay and replace the crush washer. If it looks fine, then you can reinstall it by hand and torque it down 20-25 ft. lbs. Be careful not to over-tighten it. Check your repair manual for the proper torque setting.


Step 3: Install the new oil filter

Before you put on the new filter, fill it ½ to ¾ of the way with new motor oil. Make sure you have the gasket in place and put a thin layer of motor oil on top of the gasket. Install your new oil filter by loosely turning it until it stops. Like the drain plug, you don’t want to over-tighten it. Check your repair manual for the proper torque setting. Use an oil filter and cap wrench along with your torque wrench.


Step 4: Pour in the new oil

Be sure to have a funnel handy. Check the dipstick and add more oil if needed. Then, start the vehicle and, while it’s running, check underneath the vehicle for any leaks. Then, check the dipstick again. Make sure to never over fill. When you’re done, back your car off the ramps or lower the vehicle. Once it is back on a level surface, check the dipstick once again.

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Tools You Need For an Oil Change

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Best Roads to Drive in America


Airline Road: ME88 mi.

Route 9, Bangor to Baileyville, ME
Take a drive through the area Maine residents call "Down East" with this lesser-traveled section that runs almost parallel to US Route 1. With less traffic, you’re free to enjoy nearly 90 miles of well-paved road, sweeping turns and blinding S-curves.


Mt. Washington Auto Road: NH 7.6 mi.

TOLL ROAD, Pinkham Notch, NH
Climbing 4,618 ft. with an average incline of 11.6%, this road goes to the top of Mount Washington, the tallest mountain in New Hampshire. It also happens to be the site of the first known American auto race – the Mount Washington Hillclimb – predating Daytona by 7 years and Pikes Peak by 12.


Route 30: NY 289 mi.

East Branch to Malone, NY
Route 30 is the backbone of New York. It stretches from the Canadian border to the Delaware River valley. Almost 300 miles in length, Route 30 takes you through Adirondack Park, Catskill State Park, and past the Pepacton Reservoir. In short, it’s a great cruising road with little traffic.


Vista Road: PA 32 mi.

Route 125, Shamokin to Pine Grove, PA
With some calling it "the Tail of the Dragon of the Northeast" and just a few hours outside of New York City, you owe it to yourself to make Vista Road your next destination. Over 30 miles of hill climbs, descents and hairpin turns. It’s a roller coaster ride on pavement.


Mt. Greylock Scenic Byway: MA 18 mi.

Lanesborough to North Adams, MA
Tucked in the corner of the state, take a ride through the Berkshires past the peak of Mount Greylock. From late May to early November, a seasonal road will bring you to the peak, offering panoramic views as far as 90 miles in all directions on a clear day. Scenic with sweeping curves and just a few hours from Boston.


Tail Of The Dragon: NC 11 mi.

US Route 129, Deals Gap, NC
A classic destination for motorcyclists, the infamous "Tail of the Dragon" is nestled deep in the Great Smokey Mountains. This 11-mile cambered stretch of U.S. 129 skirts the Tennessee and North Carolina border, has no fewer than 318 stomach-wrenching twists and turns, and is not interrupted by a single intersection or driveway. The road is also extremely narrow, almost every corner is blind, and there’s always someone coming round the other way.


Nachez Trace Parkway: MS/AL/TN 444 mi.

Nachez, MS to Nashville, TN
Travel along the Natchez Trace Highway from Mississippi, grazing the edge of Alabama, and diving into Tennessee, and you’ll be treated to 444 miles of scenic bliss that culminates in the cultural and musical gem that is Nashville, Tennessee. Though you may be tempted to blast through the Natchez Trace Parkway’s more than 51,000 acres, remember that the National Park Service strictly enforces the 50 mph speed limit, making this ride more about smooth than fast.


Route 15: WV 65 mi.

Route 15, Valley Head to Sutton, WV
West Virginia claims to be "almost heaven," and a day of driving its less beaten paths will likely confirm that claim. Countless small state roads follow the ridges of the Appalachian Mountains, providing spectacular views and mile after mile of twisty roads. State Road 15 is one such route. The 65-mile drive between Interstate 79 and US 219 will take the better part of two hours, more if you stop to take in the beauty.


Blue Ridge Parkway: NC/VA 469 mi.

Cherokee, NC to Waynesville, VA
The Blue Ridge Parkway is one of America’s best driving roads, not only for its great driving qualities, but also for the scenic views it offers. The Parkway runs from Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park through the high-hills of North Carolina to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee.


Wolf Pen Gap Road: GA 26 mi.

Route 180, GA
Wolf Pen Gap Road has a reputation – technical. Switchback after switchback nestled in the Chattahoochee National Forest. It is not for the feint of heart, as it tends to be narrow in places and does get traffic, but it rewards the skilled driver and is a great addition if you are visiting nearby Blood Mountain.


Theodore Roosevelt National Park: ND 14 mi.

Oxbow Overlook, ND
The Theodore Roosevelt National Park Byway in North Dakota is a scenic drive to Oxbow Overlook that provides a great view of the Badlands and Little Missouri River. Other points of interest can be found along the byway. Access is gained off of US-85 south of Watford City.


Black Hills: SD 37 mi.

Route 16A, Custer to Keystone, SD
In the Black Hills of South Dakota you will find US Route 16A. It is a very twisty road with a good number of switchbacks. But the ’crown jewels’ of this byway are the 3 one-lane tunnels. Traveling north on 16A, you get a fantastic view of Mount Rushmore as you exit these tunnels.


Dunes Highway: IN 24 mi.

US Route 12, Gary to Michigan City. IN
his trip is technically in an urban area of Indiana, but it provides a break from the inherent traffic congestion. Also known as the Dunes Highway, it travels through the Indiana Dunes National Seashore and delivers a tree-lined canopy and nice scenery along the way.


Route 19: MO 274 mi.

New London to Thayer, MO
If you like endless sweepers and lovely scenery, you will enjoy Missouri Route 19. Along the way the many hills in the region provide noticeable elevation change. Also, this is wine country, so you’ll find many wineries near this byway, particularly in the Hermann area.


Lake Shore Drive: MI 27 mi.

Route 119
This road in Michigan travels along the Great Lake that bears its name. The route is also known as the ’Tunnel of Trees’. With its canopy of leaves, it makes an excellent fall foliage tour. With frequent views of the lake and good road conditions, it is an excellent ride in the summer, as well.


Coranado Trail Scenic Byway: AZ 120 mi.

US Route 191, Alpine to Clifton, AZ
This used to be Route 666, but we think the reason it was called "Devil’s Highway" was because of the 1,000 turns and 460 switchbacks that carve through the red canyons and climb into the lush forests of southeastern Arizona. Bring someone with you – it is one of the least traveled federal highways in the US.


Route 152: NM 66 mi.

Santa Clara to Caballo, NM
State Route 152 in Southwest New Mexico is often compared to ’The Dragon’, that infamous road in North Carolina and Tennessee. With long sweepers and hairpins, it will keep you busy. An advantage over ’The Dragon’ is the light traffic on the route.


Indian Highway: OK 36 mi.

Bethel, OK
A great curvy back road in Oklahoma is the Indian Highway, running between Route 271 and Route 259. It’s in a remote area and goes through the Kiamichi Mountains. You’ll find plentiful curves, light traffic and significant elevation change.


Twisted Sisters: TX 102 mi.

Rocksprings to Vanderpool, TX
Think Texas is flat? Guess again. The "Twisted Sisters" or "Three Sisters" loop undulates through a 100-mile loop of good ol’ fashioned Texas Hill Country. While it’s natural to gawk at the gorgeous terrain and the nearby bodies of water, you’ll want to keep an eye on the road, which is notorious for making minced meat of inattentive drivers with its decreasing radius and off-camber turns.


Route 309: AR 27 mi.

Paris to Havana, AR
Route 309 takes you over the top of Mount Magazine, the highest point in Arkansas. Twisties and steep elevation changes prevail. In addition, trucks are prohibited from using the route. The trip is especially nice during spring or the early fall.


Going To The Sun Road: MT 50 mi.

Glacier National Park, MT
Fifty miles long, climbing to an altitude of 6,646 feet, it offers edge-of-the-road views of the park including the glaciers. Be aware of road conditions as winter weather can close sections of the road from November to May.


Beartooth Highway: MT/WY 97 mi.

US Route 212, Red Lodge, MT to Yanceys, WY
This section features US Route 212, the road going through Yellowstone and the entire state of Montana and known as "The most beautiful drive in America." Beartooth Highway is almost 100 miles of scenic views and twisty roads – a grand experience you won’t forget!


Million Dollar Highway: CO 24 mi.

US Route 550, Silverton to Ouray, CO
One of the most beloved roads in the country, this classic stretch of two-lane blacktop snakes its way through the San Juan Mountains, the wildest and most rugged peaks in the Rockies. It’s full of steep cliffs, narrow lanes, and terrifying turns around passes without guardrails.


The Loneliest Road In America: NV 409 mi.

Highway 50, NV
This very long stretch of highway crosses 17 mountain passes and has numerous twists and hairpin turns. It averages an 8% grade while climbing over 7,000 feet in some places. Bring lots of supplies with you or pick up a "Loneliest Road Survival Kit" when you start out.


Big Sur Pass Highway: CA 72 mi.

State Route 1, Cambria to Monterey, CA
Part of the famous PCH, this section of California Route 1 hugs the Pacific Coast in what has been described as one of the best driving roads in the world, both in terms of scenery and degree of difficulty.

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Road Trip Essentials

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Motor Speedway

Charlotte Motor Speedway is a 2,000-acre complex located 13 miles outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s main feature is the 1.5-mile quad oval used for NASCAR® races, including the Coca-Cola 600 on Memorial Day weekend. It also has a drag strip, a clay oval dirt track, and was the first track to have night racing.


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